2020 model is a vehicle made for those who embrace adventure

The 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country is a premium crossover vehicle that the automaker says will “take you to the heart of the adventure.”

This is accomplished by way of standard all-wheel drive, which gives individuals ease of comfort when behind the wheel, during any condition life throws your way; the design maintains that same famous Volvo look, but adds some pizzazz; a feature called Standard Hill Descent Control lets drivers carefully get back to the surface, using automatic braking to sustain patient progress; and a lifted vehicle offers drivers and riders a more open road not wrought with resistance.

On the outside, you’re looking at a vehicle that has higher ground clearance than your average crossover. With all-wheel drive and a tough exterior that is built for almost any condition, you are ready to travel the distance.

On the inside is a practical interior that combines luxury and comfort. Front seat backrests are of the slimmer variety, providing more space in the rear for passengers. Indented rear seat backings aid the comfort level. An already good-sized trunk can be made bigger with the push of a button, bringing the rear seats down.

For those on the go who may have many passengers, or just many belongings, the Cross Country works around your schedule. If you want to store something big, put down the rear seats. If you just went grocery shopping for the entire family, hang bags on numerous hooks that will keep your items intact.

And if you did go shopping but can’t access the keys with all the baggage in your arms, simply slide your foot underneath the vehicle to open the tailgate.

Newer look, same old physique

Andrew Krok, of CNET, called this particular model perfect for those people “who occasionally venture off the beaten path.” Compared to the traditional V60 wagon models in its class, the Cross Country is built higher, has additional body cladding and just exudes a rugged feel.

The vehicle itself comes in multiple models: the Momentum, the Inscription, the R-Design and the Polestar Engineered. And as with most vehicles, different packages offer different things. Add-ons like heated rear seats and steering wheel are great in areas that present more consistent cold months. The same goes for those who want to maximize their internal and external levels of comfort and style, such as full-zone climate control and an adaptive cruise control system.

For those who like to jam on the road, look no further: The Volvo V60 will keep your hands banging against the steering wheel. Due to a partnership with audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins, you can get 1,100 watts in your ride. That’s 15 speakers, including a subwoofer that will deliver the bass tones you desire. You will hear the best acoustics your vehicle has to offer.

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