The Range Rover Velar is set to be released to the public for viewing next week at the Geneva Auto Show. The Range Rover Velar was originally the first ever prototype in 1969 for the Range Rover Full size (since the Range Rover Sports did not come out until 2004). The Velar should sit between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport so its a little bit bigger than the Evoque. We don’t have all of the information about this sporty vehicle but what we do know is that it should share the supercharged v6 turbocharged engine that the Range Rover Sports have! We also know that it is based after the Jaguar F-Pace! Which is another beauty in itself! We were only allowed to see that the whole top of the car is made of glass which means more stargazing is going to happen! This Range Rover will be the first new Range Rover in a DECADE! So keep your eyes open because this Velar is a jaw dropper!