2019 offering wrought with style, substance

It wasn’t that long ago when the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class was unleashed to the masses, instantly becoming an athletic and stylish feat. Now, in its third generation, the newest 2019 model brings that same authentic feeling — and then some.

The CLS 450 4Matic Couple can hit 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds, while the CLS 450 Coupe can hit 0-60 mph in 5.1. seconds. The 4Matic model has what Mercedes-Benz calls “power in all the right places.” The vehicle knows which tires torque should be sent to, with the all-wheel impact positively affecting drivers who want to be both lightweight and efficient — all while peeling around on slippery surfaces, or just enjoying some free riding space in more desolate areas.

In addition to the aforementioned features, safety is a continual priority. Driver-assist functions can prevent accidents before they have a chance to occur, while improved headlights are able to illuminate even the darkest of pathways.

Flowing leather, wood and satin aluminum inside the cabin are a perfect way to welcome a fifth person inside the vehicle’s extensive cabin. Yes, the classic four-door coupe has added enough room for a fifth passenger and with enough legroom to boot.

Different models will invite you right in. From the wide-ranging color palette that will draw any consumer, to the 64 colors of ambient lighting and the like, drivers and passengers alike will be floored by the near innumerable amount of ways to adjust lighting, sound, climate and fragrance to your personal specifications.

The car has a new 362-horsepower turbo inline- six engine. It is bolstered by a new 48-volt Integrated Starter Generator that can add 21 horsepower while simultaneously allowing fuel-free coasting and lower emissions. The automaker touts its nine speeds and fingertip shift paddles, saying the automatic transmission is more flexible, decisive and adaptable.

Newer look, same old physique

James Riswick, of MSN, said the newest CLS offering is what Mercedes-Benz aficionados should be used to in basic style and substance, although it has been updated with a newer aesthetic that adopts the automaker’s own E-Class style line.

The inside user interface is consistent with older models. It contains a 12.3-inch touchscreen, along with USB ports that are compliant with Apple and Android technology.

Riswick called the cabin “gorgeous.”

“Organic curves meet high-tech screens, while its sumptuous wood, soft leather and richly detailed metal are a feast for your eyes and fingers,” he said. “It’s quite special. It’s also functional, with plenty of storage up front.”

Compared to older models, this newest offering “feels smaller and lighter on its feet,” Riswick continued, offering a compliment to the vehicle.

“It happily flicked itself between tight corners on our mountain-road evaluation route, not washing out in understeer, and maintaining the utmost composure over nasty mid-corner bumps,” he said. “It’s legitimately quite fun, and the ‘coupe’ descriptor applies as much to its driving experience as to its styling.”

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