The vehicle will be available in North America in 2020

There’s a growing sense of excitement about the next Land Rover offering that has recently been unveiled in anticipation of its 2020 North American release: the Defender.

In late December of last year, the carmaker announced that the Land Rover Defender would be available in the United States and Canada in 2020. At the time of the announcement, testing was already being done around the world on the newest model, as a way to test how different terrain and surfaces impact the overall model.

Engineers have said extreme tests will lend themselves to the newest Defender being “the most off-road capable Land Rover vehicle ever,” operating a wide range of temperatures and altitudes — from sea level to 13,000 feet above the surface.

In December, Vice President of Marketing for Jaguar Land Rover North America Kim McCullough said the company’s announcement was a “holiday gift” and a sign of what’s next to come for the brand.

“There are a handful of automobiles that are beloved around the world and stand for a brand, a country and a distinct way of life,” McCullough said in a press release. “The Land Rover Defender is such a singular vehicle. On behalf of everyone at Land Rover and our proud retailers, the voices of American and Canadian customers have been heard: The all-new Defender will be for sale here starting in 2020.”

Subtle changes make a classic vehicle even better

The Defender brand of Land Rover’s vehicles has appreciated in value over the years, due to the iconic design and the rugged go-anywhere mentality that has become their persona. That goes Series Land Rover vehicles in general.

But after decades of basically unchanged aesthetics and sticking to the script, so to speak, Land Rover has stated that the newest Defender model “will be a revolutionary product…with even broader public appeal.” That is due to all-new interior and exterior designs, as well as new driver assistance and connectivity features associated with it.

As Land Rover said, “The new model will represent 70 years of innovation and improvement in just one model year.”

Recently, Automotive News wrote that Defender prototypes have now traveled more than 1.2 million kilometers in testing — including more than 45,000 tests in various climates and terrains, as well as in temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit and minus 40 degrees in arctic regions.

To mark the milestone, a less-camouflaged Defender prototype was revealed. It was covered in the graphics of Tusk, a conservation group that has worked with the automaker for over a dozen years.

“The best part of this image is that the prototype no longer wears the fake hood, which was recognizable as a false surface feature designed to preserve the secrecy of the final design,” the Automotive News story said.

The new model is being revealed more and more. Soon enough, consumers will be invited to visit Land Rover Shreveport to try it out for themselves. It surely will not disappoint.

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