Newest SUV is a beast on wheels

If you want style and speed, combined with a roomy interior, then get inside and test drive a 2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR today.

The F-Pace SVR features a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine that can hit a top speed of about 176 MPH in about 4.1 seconds, along with 550 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque, it is a vehicle that Jaguar says is the “ultimate performance SUV.”

When it comes to battling other five-seat SUV competition in its class, Jaguar offers both practicality and versatility. It also offers some serious style, too, evident in how the front and rear seats are outlined in a Lozenge pattern complete with perforated Windsor leather that provides comfort and support whichever way the road hits you.

Jaguar says aerodynamics play a role in how the vehicle smoothly flies around the earth. Increased stability has been reached due to reducing the lift and increasing traction and overall handling.

Other features of the vehicle that Jaguar has touted include the swift preciseness of its braking system, which is able to stop the car on a dime — even when it’s “flying” down the road. Polished aluminum quad tailpipes can be heard from a distance. Alloy wheels, meanwhile, can be seen from a distance. For ease and being intuit, the Sportshift Selector makes driving a manual even easier. And hood vents will help keep you cooler, by way of airflow and cooling exiting through the radiator and eventually out of the engine bay.

Newer look, same old physique

Gary Gastelu, of Fox News, said the 2019 F-Pace SVR “is as close as Jaguar has ever come to building a monster truck,” adding that standards set by the carmaker’s sports cars and sedans are in full force in this SUV model.

He touted the beast of an engine, which will knock anyone’s socks off.

“Start it up when someone is standing behind it, and they’ll jump and scream as the 550 horsepower supercharged 5.0-liter V8 comes to life,” Gastelu said. “Rev it and they will cry tears of joy if they’re into cars, or call 911 if not. And that’s before you even switch the exhaust to its loud setting.

“This thing is raucous and it looks proud about its prowess, with big air intakes up front, rocker panel extensions and a long spoiler at the trailing edge of the roof that makes even a parked F-Pace appear to be just about to enter hyperspace,” he continued. “The 21-inch wheels and Flintstones-spec tires aren’t subtle, either.”

The vehicle is able to swoop around tough turns with the ability of a sports car or sedan due to the electronically-controlled rear differential that can divide power.

“Its stiffened suspension seems to defy physics as it virtually eliminates body roll, but exhibits that legendary Jaguar finesse that makes the F-Pace SVR an entirely acceptable daily driver,” he said.

Get in one today at Jaguar Shreveport!

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