Mercedes-Benz trying its hand at next-level service

Many of us have been there.

We go out to eat with a significant other or friend, only to arrive at a particular destination and realize that the parking lot is completely full. And when you try to be sly and think you can find a spot available somewhere on a nearby street block, you’re just further out of luck.

So, what do you do? You likely use valet. It’s not bad, but there can be a feeling of unease due to a complete stranger driving around in your vehicle. Mercedes-Benz is trying to change that, one parking lot at a time.

Recently, Mike Austin of Car and Driver reported that Bosch and the automaker’s parent company, Daimler, got the go-ahead to run a driverless valet service at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, in Stuttgart, Germany. Bosch said it was the first driverless concept to be approved by transportation authorities.

It is expected to be a pilot program that will show how a driverless valet system can operate within a confined space. It’s also quite simple to use, and simultaneously pretty remarkable: You pull up in your vehicle, get out, pull out your phone and summon the vehicle to park somewhere by way of an application. That’s it. And retrieving your vehicle is essentially done the same way.

“And no more problem with parking too close to another car, either: Bosch says the fully automated garage of the future could hold 20 percent more cars because driverless valet tech will make closer-proximity parking possible,” Austin said.

The trick in the service is that the garage itself is suited with the updated technology that allows such actions to take place in the first place. Sensors and communication infrastructure are fitted by Bosch and placed in the parking garage, while Mercedes-Benz supplies the vehicles with the necessary components.

As opposed to other similar ventures by other car companies, this is different because all commands come from the parking garage — including pedestrian detection as well as other random objects.

“Infrastructure-based control allows for a greater margin of safety,” Austin said. “There’s no limit to the number of sensors to detect vehicles and pedestrians, they can be calibrated specifically to the conditions in the garage, and they’re less likely to get dirty than the ones on a vehicle.”

Mercedes-Benz is using current E-class models in this venture — which could lead to similar-type services heading over to the United States sooner rather than later.

“This test program will pave the way for similar autonomous systems in the United States, acting as a case study that NHTSA and other U.S. government bodies can rely on for case study data,” Austin noted. “The stereotype that Germany’s stringent regulatory environment makes it a safer place will no doubt lend credibility as well.”

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