Prepare for an Adventurous Summer with the 2017 Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is a truly dynamic vehicle, offering the competence to tackle the conditions of every season and all terrains. An adventurous spirit shouldn’t be denied gratification due to nasty seasonal road conditions or extreme terrains. For drivers who are looking for that year-round proactive lifestyle, the 2017 Land Rover Discovery delivers with Land Rover’s unique balance of luxury and ambition. The beauty of the Discovery is not solely in its unrivaled competence, but also in its design as a multifunctional vehicle. The Discovery offers comfort and performance making it practical as a [...]

The Top-Selling 2017 Honda CR-V Has Everything Your Family Needs

A compact SUV, the 2017 Honda CR-V, is a better fit for larger families and recognized as one of 12 top sellers for 2017 by Kelley Blue Book. Honda’s reputation for building cars with long lasting vehicle life has always been a good selling point for an automaker to latch onto. However, when it comes to a winner like the 2017 Honda CR-V, long term durability is just one of many great qualities. From old to new, the jump becomes easy before the drive begins. Although the 2017 Honda CR-V is considered a Compact SUV, [...]

Finding Sport, Luxury, and Efficiency in the Jaguar XE

The widely renowned Jaguar XE is revealing to customers that just because this sedan is the least expensive vehicle offered by Jaguar, does not mean it lacks Jaguar’s signature quality and style. Offering low-priced vehicles has never been part of Jaguar’s identity as a brand. Simply put, Jaguar provides some of the highest quality vehicles on the market. That’s why the low price of the new Jaguar XE has attracted the attention of car skeptics around the world. The new XE retains the brand’s unique style and quality to deliver the Jaguar experience, while boasting [...]

The Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid is Safe, Stylish, and Tech-Savvy

Volvo is out to prove that the brand can offer more than just safety, and the XC90 T8 Hybrid is definitely a step in the right direction. Simply hearing the name Volvo brings to mind the kind of bland, safety-oriented wagon-type vehicles that the brand built its reputation on during the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. It was the kind of car practical drivers would buy, or drivers with a little less confidence in other drivers on the road. However, Volvo has been working non-stop to deviate from this reputation. Not by eliminating their aptitude for [...]

Holmes Auto Group’s Tips for Purchasing/Leasing a New Vehicle

Holmes Auto Group wants to assist customers through the purchasing process to ensure they choose the vehicle that best suits their lifestyle. The process of buying a vehicle is an exciting, yet complex experience. There are many things to consider, and the decision comes with long-term effects. When leasing a vehicle, this car will probably be your daily driver for the next two years or more. And if purchasing, this car could potentially be in your life for the next decade or more. Needless to say, choosing your next vehicle has a significant impact on [...]

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 Bridges the Gap Between SUV and Truck

Reviews of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 say that the vehicle effectively transfers the truck experience into SUV. Mercedes-Benz of Shreveport is excited about the newest addition to Mercedes-Benz’s SUV lineup. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 is a considerably large cross-over SUV, offering three rows of seats and a surprisingly spacious cabin. The exterior of the GLS450 takes a page out of the notebook of older SUV’s by relying more on rulers and levels, rather than flowing lines and rounded edges. The result is a strong and confident appearance. Most attempts to create a three-row crossover SUV [...]

2017 Land Rover Discovery Boasts Space, Comfort, and Style

Three rows with seven full-size seats make the 2017 Land Rover Discovery an ideal choice for drivers with family and/or an adventurous spirit. Form, function, and finesse all come together to create one of Land Rover’s most dynamic SUV’s thus far. The new 2017 edition of the Land Rover Discovery reimagines the previous model’s exterior design, taking a more futuristic approach with definitive lines and refined surfaces. The interior is full of luxurious amenities, sporting premium leather, authentic wood, and metal finishers that add to the overall effect of modernity. With three rows offering seven [...]

Holmes Honda: The Times 2017 Best of NWLA

We are extremely excited to announce that Holmes Honda won The Times Best of Northwest Louisiana 2017 for New Automotive Dealership! We would like to thank the SBC community for taking the time to vote for us, and we will continue to put forth every effort to keep this title for the next years to come. Here at Holmes, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, but you guys are not just our customers, you’re family! Thank you again!

Enjoy Sport, Luxury, and Efficiency with the Jaguar XE

As the least expensive Sedan offered by the brand, the Jaguar XE is proof that lowering cost does not mean compromising quality. It’s no secret that Jaguar is a brand often thought to be tailored for upper-class drivers. They provide some of the highest quality vehicles on the market and their prices have always been indicative of that. However, the shocking price of the new Jaguar XE is almost making the brand seem charitable. The XE was made for drivers who want the luxury and style aligned with the Jaguar experience, but are looking to [...]

The 2017 Honda CR-V Improves on an Already Celebrated Crossover

The Honda CR-V continues to evolve year after year, poising to become the most beloved crossover in its class. When the crossover concept was introduced in 1996 by Toyota and Subaru, no one knew how successful this class would be. Just one year later, Honda released the first model of the CR-V after witnessing the demand for the Toyota RAV4 and Subaru Outback. Since then, the Honda CR-V has progressed into one of the most widely driven crossovers on the market. In fact, the CR-V was the best-selling utility vehicle in the United States in [...]

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